„We are working hard to make Jawa engines were at the same level as the engines of GM.“

Jul 3, 2015

„We are working hard to make Jawa engines were at the same level as the engines of GM.“ – says Martin Smolinski, who expects far better performance on its home track in Landshut. In the first round of Speedway European Championships in Torun, Smolinski scored just one point and took the last place.

As it turned out, the rider and his tuner have been working hard since the beginning of the year to Java engine held up like its counterpart from Italy, GM.

„In Speedway we have from five or ten years, one engine produced in Italy. For almost two years, Java, one of the oldest companies got a new owner and together with my engine tuner from Tornado Racing, we signed at the beginning of the year the cooperation agreement, something like developing a contract for services. We are working hard to make Java engines were at the same level as GM engines. Power is very good on long tracks, but on the technical, such as Torun we are unfortunately on the back. We need to work hard on the remaining issues. It is Really hard in speedway to develop new products, such as engines etc. „- said the sixteenth rider of the first round of SEC in Torun.

Apart from the desire to present himself better, Smoli highlights the fact that in connection with organizing world class events in Germany, the organizational level is also higher.

„There are noticeable changes. Especially in Landshut. We have a very good presidents and staff at the club and I want to thank them very much. They always do everything to improve speedway in Germany, they want to develop it. We are certainly on the right track. Soon we will have new lighting at the stadium. 1000 Lux specifically for television, to be able to take full advantage of HD. „- ends Martin Smolinski.

And already on July 11th at One Solar Arena in Landshut the second round of SEC will be held. Tickets are available through the service WWW.etix.com

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