Martin will race on Jawa Engines / Jawa co-operation factory Team

Feb 14, 2015

A co-operation agreement has been signed between Martin Smolinski and JAWA, to be a factory rider.

Over the past 24 months, Martin Smolinski has been seen more and more, using engines from the Czech manufacturer Jawa, in various training sessions and race meetings. In Autumn 2014, Martin won the Dingolfing dirt track classic meeting, using a Jawa motor.

This connection has raised a lot of conversations, both on the internet and also at the tracks.

Last Monday, after an extensive and promising test phase, an agreement has now been signed for a co-operation agreement, between the Czech engine manufacturer Jawa / D ANA SRO and Martin Smolinski, who will use Jawa engines for the entire 2015 season, in close co-operation with Tornado Racing Parts from Spenge / DE.

But who and what is hiding behind the name Jawa Motorcycles?

Jawa Motorcycles can look back on a long and glorious Speedway history.
In both Speedway and Long Track, many riders were honoured to be World Champion, powered by the Czech Jawa engines. In frame manufacturing and technology, Jawa is still the undisputed number one.

The engines however, were not able to keep up with with an increasingly rapid development by other manufacturers and over time, they were overtaken by the more rapid Italian engines.
The company Jawa / D ANA S.R.O, now has new owners and so has worked hard in recent months on the engine development side of the company.
The aim is to bring the engines back to not just a competitive level, but back to the very top.
To this aim, the German company Tornado Racing will be working closely with Jawa, as they aim to regain their position at the top of the Speedway world.
Friedhelm Großewächter, along with his team of specialists in the areas of tuning, development & camshaft cylinder head design, are leaders in the field of sports and motorcycle engine parts.
To this end, Tornado Racing will be contributing significantly to the improvement of the Czech engines.

„We have jointly decided to take this step to co-operate closely with JAWA, to allow us much more ability for fine-tuning the engines, this is not more possible with the current Italian motors, as they no longer allow officially there dealers to use performance enhancing accessories, made by other manufacturers, to be built into their engines.

In addition, Jawa Motors are committed to using components from their factory, along with parts from Tornado Racing, which will bring a distinct advantage.
Jawa is extremely motivated to conquer the world again, so we want our contribution to support them and bring them this success.
All this of course, we want to achieve without our performance in 2015 suffering.
From our tests so far, with these new Jawa engines, we have the confidence and belief that 2015 will be a successful year.

At the moment, we will focus on the fine-tuning of the engines, to set them to Martin’s riding style and to set them up for the newly authorised exhaust systems.
The newly developed camshafts are already fitted in the new Jawa engines and are ready to test.
The first rollout with the complete material will take place next week at a training camp in Lonigo, Italy.

Jawa Factory Team_klein v.l M.Smolinski,S.Diatka, F.Großewächter, J.Rezler_klein tornadoJawa-Moto1