SR Speed Performance / Martin Smolinski Objective / Orientation 2015!

Dez 16, 2014

For my English speeking supporters!

No Long Track Grand Prix’s in 2015

After careful consideration, Martin and his team at SR Speed Performance have decided to focus their attention for 2015 onto the Speedway track.

Martin explains:
This has not been an easy decision to make. Within the team, it has caused much debate, but in the end we came to the conclusion that we must aim to regain our position at the top table, by qualifying once again for the Speedway Grand Prix series.
During 2014, we used so much energy on our beloved sport and to support the media as we entered a new era for German Speedway on the World Stage. We achieved quite remarkable success during this year and it must not have been in vain. The decision of the BSI not to offer us a wild card for the following year was a low blow and came as a surprise to the team. We need to use all of our experience gained from last year and use it to focus 100% on returning to the Speedway Grand Prix series for 2016.
As a consequence of this decision, we will not therefore be participating in the 2015 Long Track Grand Prix series. We have also decided, as last year, not to participate in any league racing outside of Germany.
I need to prepare myself and my equipment to the highest level, to enable us to compete at the highest level and to reach our shared goals. This is only possible if I manage my time and racing schedule sufficiently, to allow my team and myself to rest and prepare correctly, for every meeting. It was noticeable that both in 2013 and 2014, we have started the year strongly, only to see performances suffer, as fatigue set in, due to stress, travel and extreme deadline pressure.
My team is doing great work, but we are not able to support a 24 hour, 7 day week racing team. So many decisions and actions are attached to me and the more meetings we have, the more I must do, both on and off the track. I know some will say, we have heard this before, but by working this way, we have already made the impossible possible.
I very much hope that all in German Speedway, especially our fans, sponsors and patrons understand and respect this decision and support us in our mission during 2015